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Welcome to Palswellness – Shaklee Independent Distributors

Too many people, like us, are facing a world where we are getting sicker – at various level and we don’t really know where to turn for help. How many people deal with, on a daily basis issues like: not feeling well. Feeling tired. Feeling sluggish. Irritable. Exhausted. Frustrated! And that’s just for starters, as many others are dealing with much more serious health concerns. But with so much information out there, where do you start?

So, hello, we’re Judy and Larry Pals and welcome to Palswellness – Shaklee Independent Distributors. And we would love to share our opportunity, our team, our support, and/or our products – to give you the overwhelming feel of health, revitalization and support – to maximize your life, uplift your spirit, and be a part of an amazing team of ‘normal’ folks, just like you. People who were looking for a way to find a path to health (and for some, simply wealth), and finally never having to look back. It is an amazing feeling! Especially with all of our support.

And our products can help you in so many amazing, boosting ways. With our science-based products, tested, and working – for us and so many others, allow us to provide a path to your specific freedom, whether health based or income-earning! Because if you are yearning for weight management in Edmonton, AB, give us a chance to show you and explain how our products can give you back the health and look you desire. Maybe you are looking for bone health supplements in Edmonton, AB? Again, our company utilizes lab-tested results to provide health-boosting products to give you back your life!

So, call us today for a free consultation. Let us and our supportive team give you all the necessary guidance and help to give you health, wealth, peace, and happiness. Just like we’ve received. All our best to you!