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The best way to describe us, and our team, is this: we are real, regular people with real, incredible results. It’s as simple as that. And instead of just hearing stories from ‘someone’, we are here to share our experiences with you. Because for us, Judy and Larry Pals, we started with our own health issues. Frustrating issues that never go away.  Until we were presented with Shaklee products, specifically Vivex. And our life changed 10 years ago. And we hope yours does too.

We are Palswellness – Shaklee Independent Distributors, who are part of an enriching team of support and spirit, that truly can only come from the revitalization of health. And that is all we want to share with you. Giving people the same health opportunity that we were blessed to receive. That’s all our business is about.

Because if you are looking for metabolic boosting pills in Edmonton, AB, or perhaps you simply would benefit from a hydrating lotion in Edmonton, AB, all you have to do is call us once. With no fear of aggressiveness. No worries of judgment. Because we understand. It seems online that everyone has the ‘magic pills’ to cure your ills. We were facing the same thing too!

But with one step, we saw for ourselves. And the rest was history. And that’s all you truly need to think about: one step. Let us and our team allow you to see and feel what releasing the burdens of ill-health and misinformation from the web – can do for you. Because everyone deserves the right to live well and prosper. And it comes with scientifically-backed products and support from an amazing team.

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