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We take skin care for granted. Until we notice the issues and problems in the mirror. And then, what now? So for your every need for skin care in Edmonton, AB, contact Judy and Larry Pals of Palswellness – a Shaklee Independent Distributor. And let us, our experienced and reliable team and our company provide the results that you desire.

When it comes to skin care, we have the scientifically-backed products that have proven results for you. From our cleansing lotion, our mineral mask, our eye cream, to our skin firming serum, our company has spent years of research and testing to provide the enriching products to allow your skin to look and feel its best.

And because too many of us simply don’t realize the pounding our skin takes over the years, in protecting our body, the natural issues start to occur. And that why our skin care products are aimed to provide the relief and support your skin needs, to reduce wrinkles and get rid of fine lines. Use our cleansing gel to rejuvenate your skin and your health, as you witness and feel the results.

And the beauty of health is, once you feel the amazing results, you simply want everyone to feel the same. And that’s why, the option is there for you – if you would like to also provide your own home business to help others. At your right time, you can give others the same pathway to health and rejuvenation, as we, and our team, want to provide you.  Allow our incredible team, with the experience and vitality, to help you in your healthy and wealthy hopes and dreams.

Because if you can offer a healthy way to live, especially in this day and age, imagine the amazing feeling you’d have. Just like we have experienced. So, call us for a free evaluation. And let’s provide your path to your wants and needs. Take care!