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There is being healthy. And there is weight loss. Because the agony people endure in a constant struggle to lose and maintain their weight has become an epidemic. And that’s why we are truly here to help. We are Judy and Larry Pals with Palswellness – Shaklee Independent Distributors, and with us and our experienced, reliable team and company, please allow us to end your frustrations and help you to lose weight, that may be holding you back in many ways.

When looking for a weight loss program in Edmonton, AB, our company has the scientifically-backed products to help you burn fat, speed up metabolism, and help you get to your fitness goals. And with our team, we’re here to provide the support needed, because we’ve been in your shoes too! And that’s the difference.

Because we know how frustrating it becomes, dealing with the issues of weight loss. And more importantly, having to struggle on your own makes the situation that much more crippling. So, let our product and our team allow you, at any fitness level, help you get back your health and your body!

Our weight loss program and products is all about putting healthy, nourishing nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals that your body craves. But it’s also about healthy habits, as well to shed fat. From a fitness program that may with an exercise regimen that may include cardiovascular training or weights. It truly depends on you, your fitness goals, and your fitness level.

But it can be done, by first providing the consistent nourishment that isn’t always readily available in the processed, packaged foods readily available in grocery stores. So, call us for a free consultation. Let’s provide our years of experience and our company’s science-backed information. For you to make the right decision for you. All the best!